I take part in business and engineering initiatives, helping both parties to understand each other and deliver great products through the solid infrastructure.

  • Damian Bulira
  • Wrocław, Poland
  • damian@bulira.pl

Full professional experience

  • Project Manager, Platform Team LeaderNovember 2015 - present

    Opera Software | Wrocław, Poland

    Work for Opera shaped my career towards cloud computing and related infrastructure, here is where my journey with OpenStack began. Currently I manage large (multi $M, delivered to multiple continents) IT infrastructure projects from design, through procurement up to supervision of the final deployment. I also lead a team of talented engineers, delivering solutions based on Open Source systems (cloud, load balancing, monitoring, dns, backup). My main field of responsibility is Private Cloud based on OpenStack clusters in 7 different locations around the world, with 100's of compute nodes. Of course, besides of leadership, I actively support my colleagues in numerous deployments, troubleshooting, monitoring and development of our infra. Day-to-day I make sure that this infrastrcture is up and running, providing services to more than 380M Opera users worldwide.

    Achievements: delivery of large-scale IT-infrastructure projects (hardware deployments to colocation sites with 100's of servers), building 7 OpenStack clusters from scratch (based on Puppet-OpenStack) with 20k+ cores, set up and leading a team of 5 talented engineers

  • OpenStack consultantNovember 2018 - present

    Atman | Warsaw, Poland

    Atman, the leader of the datacenter market in CEE, is one of my consultancy clients, however deserves a separate paragraph. I help them to establish and develop Public and Private Cloud services for their portfolio of XaaS business. Besides of purely technical projects (cloud design, system monitoring, automation and troubleshooting, among others), I advise to business-oriented stakeholders (from KAMs and presales to C-level executives) regarding the Public/Private/Hybrid cloud products, including various customizations and features for the key clients.

    Achievements: introduction of private and hybrid cloud services to Atman's portfolio, automation of client-transparent block storage migration from Ceph to iSCSI array with minimal downtime, multiple trainings raising cloud-service awareness of sales teams.

  • OpenStack Consultant and TrainerOctober 2018 - present

    FirstCloud | Wroclaw, Poland

    As I love to share knowledge and my enthusiasm to OpenStack, I deliver OpenStack trainings and consultancy directly to the clients or through the cooperation with world-wide training providers (eg. NobleProg, Compendium). I have developed my own training outline, curriculum and hands-on training environments regarding OpenStack architecture, maintenance, operations and security. Each 1 to 6-day course is uniqe and tailored to the client's needs.

    Achievements: successful delivery of 20+ customized courses to 100+ participants worldwide

  • Software Configuration Management EngineerFebruary 2011 - April 2012

    Nokia Siemens Networks | Wrocław, Poland

    In Nokia, my first full-time job, I have worked as a Build Engineer in the SCM - Software configuration management department. My main project was to design, develop and mainten the buildsystem for large telecommunication project (based on GNU Make). I learnt here a lot about softwre development lifecycle, version control management systems (here SVN), continuous integration (based on Jenkins), and build process management.

  • System Administration InternJuly 2010 - September 2010

    Opera Software | Oslo, Norway

    One year after my first journey with Opera, I was given another opportunity, this time in the HQ. I could develop further my previous project regarding network and servers monitoring system, I learnt how the DNS works under the hood and helped with its maintenance, finally as the real intern developed many pages of the internal network and system documentation.

  • System Administration InternJune 2009 - August 2009

    Opera Software | Wrocław, Poland

    During my first internship at Opera I learnt how it is to work in the IT department of the international, renowned company. Thanks to my mentors, experts in many IT fields, I contributed to the network and servers monitoring system, deployed video streaming system for the internal company use and took part in design and deployment of the office wireless system in Wrocław branch.

  • System and Network AdministratorJune 2006 - December 2009

    MK-NET s.c. | Stalowa Wola, Poland

    In this local firm I could use and develop further my ISP-related experience. I started as a technician and gradually became 100% remote main network and system admin, that was an invaluable addition to my first academic years. Besides of my main task that was a management of the large-scale wireless computer network (1500+ customers, 450+ sq. km coverage) - mainly based on MikroTik devices and PLD Linux software routers, I took part of two side projects: implementation of wireless hotspot systems for private and public institutions (schools, hospitals, local government) based on RADIUS and bespoke developed software, and design and deployment of high-performance wireless CCTV network for the local Police Department.

  • Network AdministratorJuly 2003 - April 2010

    Amateur Computer Network "Sieć Hutnik" | Stalowa Wola, Poland

    My passion to the system administration started here, as a very local non-profit community ISP I was delivering Internet through wired and wireless computer network to 250+ community customers in the times of dial-up and first 64kbps cable internet. I learnt how to design and manage computer networks, especially wireless ones, software routers and other networking gear.


  • PhD, Computer Science (suspended)October 2011 - present

    Wroclaw University of Technology | Wrocław, Poland

    PhD studies in Computer Science. Topic of the thesis: "Optimization of Many-to-Many Flows in Computer Networks". Fields of interests: network optimization, (meta)heuristic algorithms, (M)ILP modeling, optical networks.

  • PhD InternshipOctober 2012 - September 2013

    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya | Barcelona, Spain

    Research assistance in network optimization, many-to-many communication, integer linear programming.

  • MSc. Eng., Computer ScienceOctober 2006 - July 2011

    Wroclaw University of Technology | Wrocław, Poland

    Speciality: Computer Systems and Networks, MSc. thesis "Analysis of streaming delay for wireless access technologies", graduated with first-class honours, in top 5% of graduates.

  • Exchange, Computer ScienceSeptember 2009 - February 2010

    University of Southern Denmark | Odense, Denmark

    Erasmus exchange programme, major: Software Engineering.


  • Erasmus Student NetworkMarch 2010 - August 2017

    Secretary of the Council of National Representatives of ESN
    National Representative of ESN Poland
    Chair of the IT Committee

    During my academic times I have been deeply involved in the organisation involved in advocacy in international student mobility issues (representing 150k students during their international exchange towards various stakeholders at University, National and European governemental agencies). In ESN I had the opportunity to develop my skills in ledership, diplomacy and people management. Here I also took my first steps in IT projects and IT team management.

Main technical skills

  • OpenStack

  • Ceph

  • Linux

  • Virtualization

  • Shell scripting

  • System monitoring

  • Configuration management

Other skills

  • People management

  • Project management

  • Public speaking

  • Negotiations

  • Leadership


  • Polish (native)

  • English (business fluent)

  • German (elementary)

  • Spanish (elementary)